Ways to work with us

-Digital Gardening Services (solo 1:1) by appointment

-Digital Literacy Conversation Circles (1:1 or group) by appointment

-Hands-on Experiential Workshops (group) by expression of interest

-Holistic Computing Consultation (1:1 or group)

-Digital Data Heirloom Curation and Archiving by appointment

Holistic Computing WORKSHOP
Hands-on Experiential Workshops

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1:1 Digital Gardening Services* _weeding your data flora ecosystem_

by appointment online and in person This offering aims to maintain your personal digital archives (files, photos,) digital objects), streamlining your computation workflow processes and/or another computational topic that you may be grappling with. The consultation is designed to offer you an opportunity to reassess your current digital storage habits and/or computer workflow strategies to identify existing holding patterns. -In this session, we initially discuss the computer obstacles you might be grappling with, Identify patterns of use, and determine techniques to implement transformation in your digital garden of forking paths. -This may include offering practical demonstrations of best practice computing processes and introducing holistic tools suited to your requirements. -The intention is to support your particular needs and catalyse alternative computing habits that can assist you in making informed decisions and empower you as the main actor in your digital ecosystem

Digital Literacy Consultation and Conversation Circle [1:1, group, organisation]

by appointment online and in person

Hands-on Experiential Workshops

Participation through EOI -Next cycle commencing Spring 2024. -Details on When, What it will cost, How to apply, coming soon. Held in person

Holistic Computing Consultation

1:1 | groups by appointment online and in person

In this artist-centred reintroduction to computing arts, we contemplate how we navigate our personal computing infrastructure and our expectations around these conventions; the customs of sending and receiving an email, the provenance of hardware, file formats, directories/folders, the minerals and vessels we keep our data in and the space, and the lands these may occupy. Through our exploration, we will expand our understanding of digital infrastructure as a dance of computation, and discuss the challenges of preserving complex cultural heritage to nurture the counter-expertise for a more holistic, aesthetic and culturally informed relationship with digital technology.

See the report from Holistic Computing Conversation Contemporary Art Tasmania.

The inaugural School for AC⌁DC+ Summer Assembly February 21-28 2025 focused on experiential acts of making, sharing, caretaking and trading.

Holistic Computing Conversation 2023 Contemporary Art Tasmania
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Holistic Computing Conversation 2023 Contemporary Art Tasmania
Nancy Mauro-Flude leading Holistic Computing Conversation 2023 Contemporary Art Tasmania Image by Rosa Menkman