\0/ I’m Nancy, founder and Chief Technical Artist (CTO) of the newly minted Autoluminescence Institute. I have curated a series of introductory Digital Caretaking TALKS every second Tuesday in 2024, nine offerings start from July 17hrs AEST (online). In the lead up to the inaugural School for AC⌁DC+ Summer Assembly, February 21-28, 2025.

Our institute aims to support literacy and self-determined fluency in growing holistic art projects and tools for artistic creation, that move along the flowing currents of mediums to form faerie circuits, with an exceptional network of artists, designers, educational technologists, healers, writers, and others dedicated to context placed based decision-making, self-determined living and adoption of open technology through nurturing holistic forms of innovation in digital literacy, heritage frontiers, and integrated computing arts, dancing across servers, IRC channels, lists and streams.

I hope you can join some of the forthcoming events over the next six months that I’ve curated and devised that explore holistic ways to exist within a network of machines, flora fiction data fauna, people and places to develop and teach new and existing tools, to produce, experiment and play. During this time, some of us will form a cooperative governance framework for the Autoluminescence Institute to determine its trajectory. And this content on the ABOUT Page will change, too : )

Nancy Mauro-Flude in her studio, image by Nick Smithies

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About CTA Nancy Mauro-Flude

I am committed (and privileged) to be based in my hometown, lutruwita/Tasmania, 42.9717° S 147.3269° E, where the freshwater flows into the sea. I am a mother (of Pearl). I am deeply involved in the current and nascent development of the now established Permacomputing Community through related art production and free culture activities. In FLOSS+Art, I discuss some of the provenances in the first collection of essays on free and open-source software and digital art production.

Jan. 1, 0001

Shahee Ilyas

Shahee Ilyas is a transdisciplinary designer who integrates graphic design, data visualisation, and computer programming in his work. His research examines the modulating power of images on social, philosophical, and political values. Originally from the Maldives, Shahee’s research promotes place-based collective forms of efficacy regarding climate collapse, focusing on communication strategies, innovative interventions, and understanding how ecological grief manifests in individuals and communities. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT University.