Autoluminescence Institute Manifesto and Mandate

Most movements have a fixed concept towards which they advance, we move away from all fixed concepts in order to advance. - Mina Loy

The computer motherboard is a stony outcrop of 66 mined minerals from distant lands; an alter assembled from components that conduct signal transmissions and current flow through microchips, semiconductors, and Random Access Memory formation; molten hardware elements dance, and form habitats and touchstones for content to crystallise on a shell terminal or monitor through a serial connection.

A single keypress transmutes a sparkling array of protocol bytes, stringing zeros and ones through pirouetting hard disk mirrors in a choreographic display of graphics.

Symbols on a website’s text edit box drive a slow swell of public wiki sites for community collaboration, documentation and experimental co-authoring. Sandboxing forums churn out small scripts for flexible, interoperable tools, guides for repair, and shared code for examination.

Many rogue Internet explorers overlook the wake of effervescent parsing acts, appealing to an initiated constituent, scouring the tide and burning the midnight oil as if on a ship’s watch.