Holistic Computing an Introduction Petcha Kutcha Hobart

Holistic Computing arts are practices that embrace the ecosystems of the world around us. A short text that demonstrates some of the contexts of Autoluminescence Institue that underscore our workshops with computational poetics and context-dependent processes, as intertwined with various materialities, to more adequately and effectively intervene into our daily workflows.

Listen HOlisitc Computing Arts 6min 53seconds talk, I discuss my connection to the emergence of permacomputing a holistic movement that embraces the interconnection of various elements: the turbid and tendrilled realms of signals, waves, fibres, minerals, dirt, slime, shells and kelp. I explain how and why I enjoy navigating different kinds of operating systems through handy work that lovingly crafts strings of code to not only access but also touch my deepest, darkest files. My artistic research devises performance installations that appreciate visceral networks of data fauna and flora fiction. I seek to raise awareness of cultural practices that increasingly rely on “Big Tech” infrastructure, compelling the public to consume their products to participate in digital colonisation. This dependence comes with oblique ecological, corporeal and transcendental costs. I emphasise how computational poetics and context-dependent processes with materialities can effectively intervene.