Digital Caretaking Talks (online)

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A series of artist talks on Tuesday 17hrs AEST nautical twilight from 9.7.24 - Register for INFO on how to join- to raise awareness around the alternatives to “Big Tech” infrastructure and discuss the ecological, corporeal, and transcendental costs associated with such dependencies. *

What? A series of talks bringing together a network of Digital Caretakers (designers, artists, theorists, feminist economists, radical administrators, sandboxing soothsayers, blockchain researchers, and software developers) to address the messy and complicated dynamics of digital colonialism. Weaving in the transformative agendas of the permacomputing movement, feminist webserver sandboxing cooperatives, The Collapsible Project among others.

This is a Digital Caretaking initiative dedicated to empowering underserved communities, FLINTA, artists and allies with tactics, skills, free and open-source technology, designs, philosophies and craft knowledge.

Why? Many of us are faced with an over-reliance on a variety of techno-cultural imbroglios and are renewing questions of how pervasive infrastructures are normalised and based on the imperial conventions and the extractive needs of “Western Industrial Educated Rich Democracies” (WIERD) that perpetuate implied norms, rules and protocols that become obstacles to diverse and divergent kinds of people. For this reason, we must ask how citizens can better assert their rights in networked contexts amid the uninformed consent strategies of Big Tech— Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (FAANGz) that, arguably, rely on unsuspecting users and assumptions of their rudimentary digital literacies.

The talks create a space for these exceedingly complex and intimidating issues, holistically and critically raising many propositions that computing in particular – and advanced technologies in general present vast material consequences

How? Tuesday (online) 20-30-minute talks, made possible through video conference software. A cadre of artists provides a glimpse into the tools, mediums, and approaches they use through alternatives to WEIRD FAANGZ. The informal talks seek to ruminate on the ethics and politics of participation by reinforcing agency within the domain of networked infrastructure. We hope to further engage in discussion with the artist community and allies and spark meaningful discussions and actions towards broader techno-political and infrastructural (digital) literacies. As we mark the waning death of the 2024 Sun at the winter solstice and follow its rebirth through the blossoming of spring to the summer blooming of the first School of AC/DC+ Summer AssemblyFebruary 2025.

Where? Please share your interest here. We will contact you shortly before each transmission with further information about how to join us.

Jan. 1, 0001

SCHEDULE Digital Caretaking Talk series

online/location or topic subject to change register for updates. Series 1 - 9.7.24 Opensource Visual Design Tools Beyond Neocolonial Big Tech. Shahee Ilyas Series 2 - 23.7.24 Why might artists create their own low-carbon Email Universe on a hand-held micro-computer? Kate Rich FeralMBA Series 3 - 6.8.24 Permacomputing: An antipodean perspective Series 4 - 20.8.24 Sandboxes quasi-public spaces for Engagement Denisa Kera Series 5 - 3.9.24 Recovering the Wand of Patsy Hallen’s Fairy Godmother in the Wildness of Ecofeminist Legacies (Speaker info coming soon)

Jan. 1, 0001

Series 1 - 9.7.24 Opensource Visual Design Tools Beyond Neocolonial Big Tech

Shahee Ilyas will discuss his research, which explores how data visualisation on mobile media can address ecological grief and drive social change. He will also introduce Inkscape, a free and open-source vector visual graphics editor, highlighting its capabilities and limitations as an alternative to high environmental impact Big Tech (FAANG) software with similar functions. Your browser does not support the video tag. Rainfall by Month 1975 - 2020 45 Years - Malé, Maldives process.